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Our Newest Collection

The Polar series combine powerful massage, ergonomic and contemporary design and high-quality features. Every spa has been designed with the best massage experience in mind.


Take a look at what we currently have in stock, and get in touch to order or learn more.


Dimensions: 98.4” x 90.6” x 37”

Capacity: 6 - 7 seats

Jets: 80 massage therapy jets

This state-of-the-art spa provides you with highest comfort and offers generous space for up to seven persons and innovative full body massage jet layout.


Dimensions: 90.6” x 90.6” x 38.2”

Capacity: 4 seats,2 loungers

Jets: 80 massage therapy jets

This generous five seater spa is equipped with our revolutionary front massage, especially designed for frontal chest and abdomen massage.


Dimensions: 90.6” x 90.6” x 35.4”

Capacity: 5 seats,1 lounger

Jets: 50 massage therapy jets

The Jasper can accommodates up to six persons on individually shaped seats. 

Equipped with our latest control system, a highly efficient heating system and an array of precise massage jets, this spa is the perfect place for relieving your muscular tension or simply having a great time with friends.


Dimensions: 92.5” x 92.5” x 39.4”

Capacity: 4 seats,1 loungers

Jets: 56 massage therapy jets

This spa features molded

massage seats and a lounger fully equipped with massage jets for

all body zones, including

back and upper leg massage jets.

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