• I can’t tell you how thankful we are that we were correct in our opinion that Pacific Spa is a really great company that we want to recommend to our friends. We really appreciate the promptness as well as the helpfulness. The hot tub has slowed the effect of several chronic health issues for our family and we are very grateful for how it has allowed us to continue functioning as the parents of 3 teens.

    Diane & Dan Hartwell
  • Since the purchase of our Pacific Spa I fall into a deeper sleep because the spa soothes achy ness, stiffness and swelling. This has been a life saver and helps me keep my body relaxed and mobile. I use our spa faithfully as a part of my therapy and exercising in the large deep well is a breeze. I cannot be happier having the comfort of the therapeutic jets at my fingertips for years to come.

    We cannot say enough about the quality, service and the design of our Pacific Spa, only that we are so glad that we chose this spa and have been the luckiest hot tubers ever.

    Sincerely the Leach Family
  • This hot tub is the most user friendly in terms of setup! I love it! The dealer has been fabulous to deal with. We will enjoy it for years to come and continue to see our Pacific dealers for all of our pool and spa needs.

    Lori-Ann and Arnold Seethaler
  • We just wanted to thank you for our Pacific spa. You all made the process easy and your follow up was outstanding. We have loved our Pacific spa for the past three years and are very happy that it is running great with all of your help.

    Thank you all again.

    Mary and Jeff Anderson
  • Just a quick note to say that we are extremely happy with our Pacific Spa and everything you guys have done for us! The spa has exceeded our desires and Pacific has done a great job in the quality of the spa. Your service and sales follow up has also been excellent and prompt.

    Thanks again!!

    PJ and Alisa Drouillard
  • Just a note to say how thrilled we continue to be with our Pacific Spa! It continues to be one of the best investments into pure pleasure we have made, to date!

    We opted to buy a spa instead of going on a week’s vacation. We figured that a vacation was short-lived, the spa is a vacation every time we enter it, and turn on those jets!

    Our spa is outside. The best times for us is when it is dark, the temp is 10 below, the air is crisp, the snow is gently falling, and the stars display their finest. How can any experience top these magical evenings?

    Weekend mornings always start with time in the spa, sipping a coffee. What better way is there to plan the rest of your day?

    The Hot-Tub Warehouse service delivery has been second to none. Graham and Donna are dedicated folk who are truly devoted to meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations. They have provided excellent guidance in assisting us in maintaining our spa, and we wouldn’t shop anywhere else!!

    Frankie & Bruce Dewsbury Milford Bay, Ontario
  • Much thanks for the quick assistance on our spa. The quick call-back was much appreciated. Customer Service is so important today.
    Your Product is excellent and we have recommended it to several friends.


    Vlad Hrubik
  • We purchased a Pacific Spa in October 2003. This has been one of the best investments we have made. We did a lot of research prior to our purchase and the style and quality of the Pacific Spas was exactly what we were looking for. We use our spa almost daily year round and we have not experienced any problems.

    We have 2 young children and they love to sit in the spa with us at night and watch the stars. This gives us a chance to talk about our day and make plans for tomorrow. We do a lot of skiing and snowmobiling in the winter and it’s wonderful after a day of activity to relax in the spa before going to bed.

    We have and will continue to recommend Pacific Spa to all our family and friends. My oldest son just purchased one last month.


    John & Patty Craymer
  • We have owned the Titan model spa for a year now. Its performance has exceeded our expectations. The controls are flawless and easy to use. It has steps into the spa,a large footwell area, contoured seats as well as a lounge, and deeper sides which sets it apart from the competition. The light package and waterfalls all add to the relaxation quotient of this spa. After a day of snowmobiling, time in the spa just tops it off. Who needs to go to a resort when you can relax in the privacy your own backyard? The Pacific Spa is always there to take away the stress of our daily lives.

    Stephen Fahner