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Finding a Used Hot Tub Spa

Although the best place to shop for a spa would be ideally a spa store, but there are many people who look out for Cheap Hot Tubs. A well maintained used spa tub will give you all the benefits of a regular hot tub spa albeit very less price. There are many families who install spanking new hot tub spas, but they are forced to leave it when they move out from their house. This used tub can be of quite a deal if you can get your hands on one. So if you want to have a very good deal, depend on the connections and friends to know which tub is up for sale. Online sites that auction the used tubs are not reliable mainly for two reasons – First being the shipping charges for the tub might exceed the cost and second being it is impractical to buy a tub without even seeing it.

How Much You Should Pay For Used Hot Tubs

The price of the used hot tub depends upon loads of factors including the condition of the spa, how old it is, what features it has and so on. From the seller’s point of view, the amount he will be getting after selling the spa would always be irrelevant with the price he paid originally for it. For example, a new hot tub costs from $6000 to $7000. And you might get the same spa for $2500-$3000, so that’s almost half of the original price! For a well maintained spa that is three to four years old, you can get one for as low as $2000-$25000.

What to avoid

Many people have this question in mind when they are set to shop for the tubs – How to find used hot tub spa? But the question should be what to avoid when you are in the market looking for a used spa. Always examine the hot tub minutely before making your purchase. Any tub that is showing the rust signs should be avoided as in the long run you might face issues with the plumbing and the jets. Look for the sign that indicates faded color around the tub and the corners. As most of the spa tubs are made from acrylic, the prolonged exposure to the sun will result in blistering on the layer of the tub, which is mostly acrylic. Remember to fill the tub with water for 24 hours to check for any leaks.

Always keep in mind that you make a fair deal before making your decision for the used hot tub. People are often confused on how to sale used hot tubs and you can bargain in a very well manner to make the deal in your favor. Making sure of the certain points will save you from future expenses and always check the spa tub yourself before purchasing it. As spa tub is something most of the people keep for years, it is like an investment for you, so choose wisely.

Best Commercial Spas

After the day of hectic work, if you get to relax then it feels nothing like it. Sometimes you feel too tired to go to the spa center and have the spa and you wish that you had something that gave you the similar experience right at your home. The best commercial spas are the ones that give you the similar experience that you get from the professional spas. They not only just relax you, but they take the experience into a whole new level where you feel care and relaxed.

For the ultimate spa experience you need to have the best spa providers that give you the perfect installation of the spa. Many of the Pacific Spa models are build keeping in mind the comfort and the relaxation that you generally expect from the spa and they combine all the facility that you would want. Our tubs are perfected keeping in mind every comfort that you expect a well rounded spa to give you and you get a surreal experience once you get inside it.

What makes our spas different? Well here are the reasons!

  • The range of our hot tubs is carefully handcrafted to the highest quality standards. The exquisite choice of the materials means they would last for really long serving you with the best of experience.
  • You can select the choice of the colors and the material for the construction of the Pacific Spa models according to your taste and liking. Each specification is taken care of in the entire process to give you something that has been crafted specially for you.
  • The construction of the shell is done using the specific vinyl ester reinforced acrylic shell. This not only gives it a very stylish and shiny look, but also helps it to be strong for the coming years. Moreover, you get a lifetime warranty on cracking and blistering.
  • Specific set of lightening can be ordered for installation to have the romantic feel in the spa tub. Each of the lights has a unique affect to them that gives you a very cozy feeling.
  • Custom sound system from JBL helps you to relax for longer hours in the spa tub. The system can be set to play your favorite tunes from your phone and tablets to give you a rich musical experience.
  • The plumbing is done with industrial grade materials, giving you high quality standards.
  • The wood frame around the spa tub is pressure tested. It looks amazingly good with the spa tub while serving its purpose at best.
  • The evermore synthetic wood cabinet gives you a very high quality wraparound. The cabinet is removable.
  • Tough ABS plastic is used in the remaining side to give you the best made feel. The plastic is built in a shade that matches with the rest of the construction to give it an even feeling throughout.