Water Chemistry

It is essential when using chemicals that container labels are read and the directions are followed carefully. The following guidelines must be observed:

  • Chemicals may be corrosive, so handle with care. Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Do not inhale fumes or allow chemicals to come in contact with face or eyes. Wash hands after use.
  • Ensure any spilled chemicals are carefully cleaned up. They may be corrosive and may cause damage or bodily harm.
  • Never smoke near chemicals, some are highly flammable.
  • If chemicals are swallowed or come in contact with your eyes or irritation occurs, follow the emergency instructions on the container.


Possible Cause


Cloudy Water


    • Inadequate filtration or dirty filter
    • Dirty filters
    • Excessive oils or organics
    • Improper sanitization
    • Suspended particles or organics
    • Unfiltered particles
    • Chemically saturated water
    • Overused or old water
    • Water is not balanced




    • Clean filters/ Change filters
    • Shock spa with sanitizer
    • Test water with a Water Test Strip
    • Adjust pH and alkalinity
    • Run jet pumps and clean filters
    • Drain and refill the spa
    • Use Water Clarifier to combine particles


Water Odor


    • Excessive organics in water
    • Improper sanitization
    • Low pH




    • Shock spa with sanitizer
    • Add sanitizer
    • Adjust pH to recommended range


Chemical (Chlorine/ Bromine ) Odor


    • chloramines/ bromamines level too high
    • Low pH




    • Shock spa with sanitizer
    • Adjust pH


Musty Odor


    • Bacteria or algae in water
    • Not enough sanitizer in water




    • Drain, clean, refill the spa and shock spa
    • Add sanitizer as necessary and shock


Scum line (ring) around spa Organic buildup


    • Body oils and dirt
    • Excessive organics in water




    • Drain the spa, use a spa surface cleaner to remove the scum, and refill the spa
    • Clean filters/ Change filters


Green Water/ Algae Growth


    • High pH
    • Low sanitizer level




    • Shock spa with sanitizer and adjust pH
    • Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level


Eye Irritation


    • Low pH
    • Low sanitizer level




    • Adjust pH
    • Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level


Skin Irritation / Rash


    • Unsanitary water
    • Free chlorine level above 5 ppm




    • Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level
    • Allow free chlorine/ bromine level to drop below 5 ppm




    • Total alkalinity and/or pH too low
    • High iron or copper in source water




    • Adjust total alkalinity and/or pH
    • Use a metal deposit inhibitor
    • Use a Stain inhibitor




    • High calcium content in water
    • Total alkalinity and pH too high




    • Drain the spa, clean the scale, refill the spa use a scale inhibitor and balance the water
    • Adjust total alkalinity and pH


Yellow water


    • Low pH




    • Adjust pH with pH and Alkalinity Up




    • High concentration of body oils, lotions, or soaps
    • High temperatures and excessive contaminants




    • Use Spa Defoamer and adjust pH and sanitizer levels as needed


Erratic pH Test Color


    • Sanitizer level is too high.




    • Test pH again when sanitizer level is below 5 ppm.