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Hot Tub Leak Repair

If your hot tub is having any leaks, then it can be real tough to look out for a place from where it is leaking. However, if you are going to follow some simple procedures, then you may be able to find it and get it repaired. To get hot tub repair in Edmonton you don’t have to search much and can find good professionals who will do the work for you. If you want to look for the source of leak, here are some places that you should look in.

  • Pump end seal.
  • Heater assembly and its manifold.
  • Plumbing parts and the tubing.
  • Jet seals and jet bodies.
  • Gate valves.
  • Connections of the plumbing.
  1. Pump

The first place that you should look out for is the pump. In most of the cases, pumps are the first components that leak. The cause of leaking is often a bad pump seal. If you notice water droplets, then you need to determine whether the seal needs replacement of the entire wet end. If there is puddle of water, then you might need to get the entire wet end replaced. Changing the wet end is a much better option as seals tend to get damaged and they often break during the time of replacement. Changing seals is also a time consuming process. You can contact any Sherwood park hot tub repair for the procedure.

  1. Unions

Union fittings and plumbing also needs to be checked in case of leaking. Check all the joints of the unions around the tub and the heater. Unions should never be tightened using a winch as they can be tightened by hands. Using a winch will put too much pressure causing them to break. The hot tubs Edmonton cost includes all the plumbing maintenance charges in the initial package and in case of any leakage, you can contact the professionals.

  1. Heater

Heater assembly includes the pressure switch and other heating components. If you find any leaking in the heater, then you need to call in the professional to change the part that is the cause of the leakage. You also need to take care of the rubber seals around the heater as over the period of time; they tend to become hard and brittle, causing the heater to leak.

  1. Jets and other connections

Due to prolonged usage, the jets and the other connection components may develop a slight leakage. If the leak is minor then you can seal it off using a sealant. Fix-a-leak is the most preferred sealant that is used to seal off the leaks around tubs. It can fix leaks of various diameter jets and you can cover the area of the leak and seal them. If you still find a leaking jet, then you may have to change the housing which can be done by any professional tub repair in Edmonton

Buying a Used Hot Tub

Buying a used hot tub can be of many advantages if you get your hands on a well maintained one. You can always find someone who is willing to sell his spa. There can be many reasons, people who want to upgrade, people who are moving out from their houses and so on. If the spa is well maintained, then it can give you years of life. However, there are certain things that need to be checked before you invest in spa like the filters, leakages and all. Here are some tips on how to buy used hot tubs.

used hot tubs edmonton

Buying the Tub from Dealer

The biggest advantage of buying a used hot tub from dealer is you can make your choice from the available options. You also benefit from the warranty some dealers provide on the used hot tub. The tubs at the dealer level are checked for any mistakes and they rectify it before selling them. So you get a tub that is thoroughly checked and comes with free services. If you are new to the hot tubs, then they will also guide you in how to use it, and will provide you with professional installation. However, always fill the tub with water and check for leakages before buying the tub.

How Much Should You Pay?

After making choice on your favorite tub, the question comes of the price. Although a well maintained hot tub will demand more price but you cannot actually tell the condition of the tub by just looking at it. As the tub doesn’t have any meter that tells you how much it was used so that you can tag it with a certain price. The best way to access the price of the tub is by inspecting it. A tub that is heavily used in the past will show you signs like faded color, lost shine around the edges etc. always check the records of the tub that how many times it was services in the past and what all components were replaced. Do make sure that the condition of the filter in the tub is on the good side as replacing filters can be a very long and expensive process. The price of the tubs also varies according to their size and the number of jets and other features they have in them. Generally you should pay about $2000-$2500 for a well maintained all options spa tub. On an average, a used tub fetched around 50% of the original cost that was paid by the previous owner. Always ask for the original bill of purchase to confirm the original price and the accessories that the tub came fitted with. Always check for other things like the spa cover, the shell of the tub, pumps and the blower. If any of them looks worn out or dated, then slash the price by another 10% or so.

Hot Tub Repairs: Important Pointers

Every hot tub needs to be taken care of in the long run. To get the right hot tub repair services, you need to make sure that they have the professionals who know how to do the work properly. Maintaining the tub in the right condition increases its shelf life, giving you years of trouble free service. The hot tubs Edmonton cost are competitively priced across the range and you can have a comparison before getting the tub serviced by any dealer. Here are few things that you need to take care of.

  1. Replacing cracked pipes and fittings

When you use the tub fro longer duration of time, the pipes and the fitting of the tubs take a beating. If you see any leakage on the pipe then first disconnects all the electrical supply to the tub. Then wear protective gloves and using a hacksaw, cut the leaking part of the pipe and the fittings. To join the new set of pipes, use the PVC primer and the cement to get the job done.

  1. Pipe repair

Sometime the leaking pipe can be repaired and you don’t have to change the whole pipe for it. To repair a leaking epoxy, use the sealant around the leaking pipe and let it dry naturally, make sure you are using an adequate pair of gloves before using the sealant. The coat of the sealant should be thick and cover every cracked area on the pipe. Follow the instruction on the sealant and let it dry for few hours before you start to use the spa.

  1. Pipe seals

The leaking joint of the pipe can be taken care of by using clip on pipe seals. Many hot tub repair in Sherwood park use this technique to get rid of the leaking joints. To add the clip on seal, clean the joint from any water deposits by using a cleaning agent or sandpaper. After cleaning it thoroughly, apply a thin coat of PVC sealant and add the clip on to the joint. Allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours and the clip on to set before using the spa tub.

  1. Re sealing the jets

The jets on the spa tub are connected with a supply pipe that provides them with the needed pressure water. Over the time of usage, the jets develop a leak and the pressure is lost. In this case, you need to re seal the jets so that the original pressure is retained. The hot tub repair services recommends checking the jets once every year to make sure their pressure is up to the mark. The jets can be re-sealed using a silicon gel. Apply a required amount of the gel on the site of the jet and push the jet back firmly into the socket. Tighten all the screws and let it set for 24 hours before you start to use the tub again.

Finding a Used Hot Tub Spa

Although the best place to shop for a spa would be ideally a spa store, but there are many people who look out for Cheap Hot Tubs. A well maintained used spa tub will give you all the benefits of a regular hot tub spa albeit very less price. There are many families who install spanking new hot tub spas, but they are forced to leave it when they move out from their house. This used tub can be of quite a deal if you can get your hands on one. So if you want to have a very good deal, depend on the connections and friends to know which tub is up for sale. Online sites that auction the used tubs are not reliable mainly for two reasons – First being the shipping charges for the tub might exceed the cost and second being it is impractical to buy a tub without even seeing it.

How Much You Should Pay For Used Hot Tubs

The price of the used hot tub depends upon loads of factors including the condition of the spa, how old it is, what features it has and so on. From the seller’s point of view, the amount he will be getting after selling the spa would always be irrelevant with the price he paid originally for it. For example, a new hot tub costs from $6000 to $7000. And you might get the same spa for $2500-$3000, so that’s almost half of the original price! For a well maintained spa that is three to four years old, you can get one for as low as $2000-$25000.

What to avoid

Many people have this question in mind when they are set to shop for the tubs – How to find used hot tub spa? But the question should be what to avoid when you are in the market looking for a used spa. Always examine the hot tub minutely before making your purchase. Any tub that is showing the rust signs should be avoided as in the long run you might face issues with the plumbing and the jets. Look for the sign that indicates faded color around the tub and the corners. As most of the spa tubs are made from acrylic, the prolonged exposure to the sun will result in blistering on the layer of the tub, which is mostly acrylic. Remember to fill the tub with water for 24 hours to check for any leaks.

Always keep in mind that you make a fair deal before making your decision for the used hot tub. People are often confused on how to sale used hot tubs and you can bargain in a very well manner to make the deal in your favor. Making sure of the certain points will save you from future expenses and always check the spa tub yourself before purchasing it. As spa tub is something most of the people keep for years, it is like an investment for you, so choose wisely.

How to Buy a Hot Tub Spa

Buying a hot tub is a very personal decision. To ensure that you are choosing the tub that fits your lifestyle and needs, you need a proper plan before you buy one. As there are so many brands and models to choose from, you need a right guidance to get a spa that matches closely with your needs. The hot tubs relaxes you, keeps your health in check while giving you an amazing bathing experience. To make the most of it, you need the spa that has enough space, has all the right accessories, the fitment of the jets. Here are certain pointers that you should check when you are in the market To Buy a Hot Tub Spa.

  1. Location and Available space

Before you choose the right spa, make sure you choose the right location for it. Location plays a vital role in the spa selection as you need to make sure what size of the tub you want. For example, if you want to put the spa at your backyard, then you need to make sure which size you want to get and where you will be placing it. And if you want to get a spa that you plan to keep in bathroom, then you have to be precise about the size of the spa. As the space inside the bathroom can be limited, you need to be precise about your dimensions and specifications, in which you want the spa to be.

  1. Seating capacity desired

Before you make the final decision on the spa tub, you need to decide for how many persons you want your spa to be. If you have a family that just enjoys spending time in spa, then you can go for a bigger capacity tub that can accommodate 2-3 people at the same time so that all can enjoy the benefit of the spa. Getting a big spa has other advantages like, you get more space, so even if you want to bathe alone, you will be having ample of space to relax and stretch your muscles. On the other hand, if you have more kids then you can bathe them all at the same time in the spa, thus saving water. Bigger spa means you can have more jet options that will give you more water massaging facility in the tub.

  1. Research hot tubs online

Before you plan to get new Jacuzzi for yourself, it is always a good idea to spend some time on the internet, gathering all the necessary information about the spa tubs. You can inquire about the size and availability and you can also search for the shops in your area that deal in hot spa tubs. Digging more options also benefits you to compare prices between the models and you can compare the prices of the same model with two or three different shops to get the best deal. It’s always a good idea to do complete research on the internet before you go out to buy the Jacuzzi.