Buying a Used Hot Tub

Buying a used hot tub can be of many advantages if you get your hands on a well maintained one. You can always find someone who is willing to sell his spa. There can be many reasons, people who want to upgrade, people who are moving out from their houses and so on. If the spa is well maintained, then it can give you years of life. However, there are certain things that need to be checked before you invest in spa like the filters, leakages and all. Here are some tips on how to buy used hot tubs.

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Buying the Tub from Dealer

The biggest advantage of buying a used hot tub from dealer is you can make your choice from the available options. You also benefit from the warranty some dealers provide on the used hot tub. The tubs at the dealer level are checked for any mistakes and they rectify it before selling them. So you get a tub that is thoroughly checked and comes with free services. If you are new to the hot tubs, then they will also guide you in how to use it, and will provide you with professional installation. However, always fill the tub with water and check for leakages before buying the tub.

How Much Should You Pay?

After making choice on your favorite tub, the question comes of the price. Although a well maintained hot tub will demand more price but you cannot actually tell the condition of the tub by just looking at it. As the tub doesn’t have any meter that tells you how much it was used so that you can tag it with a certain price. The best way to access the price of the tub is by inspecting it. A tub that is heavily used in the past will show you signs like faded color, lost shine around the edges etc. always check the records of the tub that how many times it was services in the past and what all components were replaced. Do make sure that the condition of the filter in the tub is on the good side as replacing filters can be a very long and expensive process. The price of the tubs also varies according to their size and the number of jets and other features they have in them. Generally you should pay about $2000-$2500 for a well maintained all options spa tub. On an average, a used tub fetched around 50% of the original cost that was paid by the previous owner. Always ask for the original bill of purchase to confirm the original price and the accessories that the tub came fitted with. Always check for other things like the spa cover, the shell of the tub, pumps and the blower. If any of them looks worn out or dated, then slash the price by another 10% or so.

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